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Paul Rios: Everyone at their level has to make an exercise of recognizing

original interview in Noticias de Gipuzkoa newspaper

To what do you attribute the stubbornness of the Spanish government?
They always respond that ETA has to dissolve and that supposes that it gives ETA all the protagonism of the peace process, instead of to the necessities and desires of Basque society.

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Weekly bulletin nº129

29 May – 3 June
Good reception of the Recommendations from the Social Forum.
The Spanish state condemned again for torture.

Good reception of the Recommendations from the Social Forum

The recommendations of the Social Forum have been assessed positively on the part of diverse Basque social and political agents.

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Andy Carl: “Any step by the Government or ETA would be a valuable contribution”

The organization from London, Conciliation Resources, founded by Andy Carl (Los Angeles, 1959), works around the world, from Colombia to the Fiji Islands, passing for Sierra Leone or Nagorno-Karabakh. This facilitator, with double British and US nationality, has elaborated the recommendations from the Social Forum of Lokarri together with Veronique Dudoet (Bergof Foundation of Berlin), Christine Bell (University of Edinburgh) and Sylvia Casale (ex-President of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture. Yesterday Carl was in Donostia in representation of them all.

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weekly bulletin nº128

16-28 May
Recommendations from the Social Forum to promote the peace process.
Citizens’ dynamic for the right to decide.

Recommendations from the Social Forum to promote the peace process

The Social Forum made public a list of 12 recommendations to put in order and resolve the peace process.

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Bertie Ahern: It is my sincere hope that this report and the discussion it promotes, should contribute to the process.

As former Taoiseach of Ireland and a participant in the peace process in Northern Ireland for over a decade, I know how hard it is to end violence and heal its wounds.

The decision by ETA to end forever its campaign of armed violence offers a historic opportunity to the Basque region and its citizens to build the peaceful and prosperous future they deserve.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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