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Letter to Judge Castro

Vector illustration of a man lock up in prison

BPP has decided to translate this letter by Gotzon Iparragirre, brother of seriously ill prisoner Ibon Iparraguirre to Spanish Judge Castro, to provide an insight into the reality of ill-prisoners’ relatives:

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New attack on prisoners’ rights


The last couple of weeks have seen a new campaign by the Spanish government and partisan victims’ associations against Basque Political Prisoners.

Once again a complicated legal situation, that involves a European Framework Decision, is being used to increase the pressure against political prisoners. As in the 2006/197 (Parot) Doctrine case, which was rejected by the ECHR, Spanish Government is making up legal opinions against Basque Prisoners.

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Conclusions of the Social Forum to promote the peace process – June 2014


Last Thursday 23rd October during a visit of the ICG to the Basque Country, Lokarri and Bakebidean held a press conference to announce the conclusions of the June 2014 session of the Social Forum  to promote the peace process. The Press Conference was chaired by Brian Currin, before a conference to analyze the current situation of the Peace Process.

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X.M.Errekondo: The fact that they use the label of ETA to refer to us is demonstrating a total political weakness

original full interview in spanish nueva tribuna newspaper

The Congressional spokesperson for Amaiur believes that the PSOE wasn’t sufficiently brave enough in the process of the end of ETA since it “had the opportunity to advance and to have closed the cycle.” Errekondo supports the rights of the prisoners and says that asking for the dissolution of ETA “makes no sense.” In his view, the government of the PP “is putting off its responsibility as far as resolving the conflict once and for all.”

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Interview with ROBERT MCBRIDE (Former South African political prisoner)

A process will be successful when the main focus falls on the primary objective.

Robert McBride (Durban, 1963) has visited the Basque Country for a conference about the role of prisoners in conflict resolution. This conference was organised by the UPV-EHU. McBride had been a commander of the Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed branch of the African National Congress(ANC). Since the fall of the racist regime McBride has played different roles, from parliamentarian to police commnander.

During Robert McBride’s visit to the Basque Country, he has shared his experiences as political prisoner and direct activist in the building of a democratic South Africa, and departure from Apartheid.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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