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[Lokarri] Our final contribution


Lokarri, citizens’ network for agreement and consultation, for nine years of its trajectory, has worked with perseverance, tenacity, insistence and hope to promote, from the base of society, a coexistence based on respect, pluralism, understanding and democracy. We have done it with mistakes, in some cases, and getting it right in others, but always with the highest expectations. Few people and associations can say that, during their existence, they have achieved a great part of their dreams. Lokarri can affirm that it has achieved part of them; that, from humility, we have helped so that coexistence is better now than when we began to work on that 12 March 2006.

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[LOKARRI] More than 400 Latin American personalities support the peace process


They urge the promotion of dialogue to consolidate coexistence

The support received in Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina and Ecuador demonstrates that Basque society isn’t alone in their efforts for peace

During the past months Lokarri, the citizens’ network for agreement and consultation, together with the International Contact Group, has participated in acts of support for the peace process in Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, and more recently, Ecuador. More than 400 personalities, former presidents, political representatives and relevant figures from civil society have expressed their support to the efforts for peace and coexistence in Basque society.

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Ecuadoran Encounter for Peace in the Basque Country


The Ecuadoran Encounter for Peace in the Basque Country was held, January 27th 2015, in the Benjamin Carrion Hall of the Casa de Cultura of Quito. The event was organised by SERPAJ (Ecuador), Colombians for Peace (Colombia), Lokarri (the Basque Country) and the International Contact Group.

The objective of the act was to gather the support Ecuadoran political representatives and civil society for the efforts of Basque society to promote and consolidate the peace process. With this motive, during the course of the event a manifesto of support was read and the list of endorsers was released. Among them an ample plurality of representatives of different Ecuadoran parties, human rights associations, etc., who explicitly support the peace process as well as the Declaration of Aiete.

Intervening in the act will be, among others, Rosa Mireya Cardenas, President of the AVC, Paul Rios, coordinator of Lokarri, and Alberto Spektorowski, member of the International Contact Group.

The act gave continuation to previous encounters of support for the Basque peace process celebrated on the American continent. Specifically, thoset which took place in December 2014 in Argentina, June 2013 in Uruguay and in the Continental Conference which took place in Mexico in October of 2013.

Organizing entities

Colombians for Peace. An organization that works to help in establishing a scenario of peace in Colombia. It is an initiative of men and women who are seriously and decidedly committed to the search for paths for understanding in plurality and for conditions of dialogue.

Lokarri. A citizens’ network for peace, agreement, consultation and reconciliation in the Basque Country.

SERPAJ (Ecuador). An organization committed with society, capable of responding to situations of injustice and violence – in different spheres – through the construction of a culture of peace from Non-Violence and Conscientious Objection.

The International Contact Group for the Basque Country. Composed of international experts in questions related to peace processes, the transformation of conflicts, transitional justice or post conflict normalization.

[Lokarri] Event to support the Process in Argentina


Lokarri released on the 1st December the following text announcing an event on the 4th in Argentina.

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Statement: Lokarri will dissapear in March 2015


Lokarri, the citizens’ network, that hosted among others the conference of Aiete and promoted the social forum for peace has announced that it will disappear in 2015.

Lokarri has played a key role in the ongoing process and their coordinator Paul Rios announced that even if Lokarri will disappear as such, their members will still be active and keep the work on their ongoing initiatives, such as the social forum.

You will find their statement below.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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