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Weekly news bulletin of the abertzale Left nº110

8-14 January.
The streets of Bilbao were too small for the great demonstration in defence of the rights of Basque political prisoners.

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With perseverance, with our minds and our hearts

original article in GARA newspaper

Our first words are for the families of the political prisoners and refugees who have opened this march with candles of hope. From here we want to send them our solidarity, our recognition and our encouragement due to the situation of the violation of rights that you continue suffering. Thanks for your example. The Basque Country will never forget the dignity that you are demonstrating everyday. It is an honour for all of us to march by your side. We love you.

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Stories with proper names that depict the penitentiary policy.

Original article published in GARA basque newspaper

The streets of Bilbao again were interlaced with hundreds of anonymous stories and, at the same time, collectives, reflected the daily dimension of the penitentiary policy. Stories of mothers who became friends through the arrest of their children, of children who were born in prison or who only see their parents once a month, even of those who have suffered the refusal of their own families only to find a second one through the rest of their relatives.

In the first row, opening the demonstration, the eyes of Maria Nieves San Emeterio became emotional with the question of what a demonstration like yesterday’s meant. She is about to become 83 years old and “now my health isn’t so good, but even if I leave my body here on the asphalt, I couldn’t not come. Let them see that the elderly people are also here!”, she proclaimed energetically.

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Prominent support for the demonstration on January 12th

The demonstration that will take place in Bilbao for the rights of Basque political prisoners continues to receive support from all spheres. To the individual adhesions of well-known personalities in the Basque Country, there have been added political, trade union and social representatives from the Catalan Countries, as well as various international personalities and organizations, many of them from Latin America.

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Bring them home

This Saturday, January 12th, thousands will march the streets of Bilbao in favour of the rights of Basque political prisoners.

Basques are used to demonstrate and mobilise themselves. It is rare a weekend in which there are no marches organised for one reason or another. But among the hundreds of protests that take place during the year this annual demostration becomes every year the biggest, most attended.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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