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It is very important and very urgent to build a wall of solidarity against this doctrine.

original interview in GARA basque newspaper

On the 20th of March the Spanish penitentiary policy will be put to the test at the ultimate European judicial authority. That day it will be heard in the Grand Chamber the Spanish appeal against the judgement in July that declared the extension of the sentence of Ines del Rio illegal and all of the underlying doctrine. The legal weakness of Madrid’s position brings it to put into question the very competency of the court.

The Grand Chamber of the European Court on Human Rights will analyze if it ratifies its sentence from July that not only declared illegal the sentence of Ines del Rio but also brought down the entire doctrine that has been applied to nearly a hundred prisoners in these years. With that, the Court in Strasbourg could mark a point of inflection in the state’s penitentiary policy. But Didier Rouget, who leads the demand by the prisoner from Tafalla in collaboration with Amaia Izko, knows that it won’t be easy. Above all because, conscious of the weakness of their argument after the unanimous verdict by the court in July, the Spanish state has decided to play this game big and question the hierarchy of the European decision, arguing that it doesn’t have competency over the case, so that it can count on the support of other states who are reticent about the pronouncement of the European Court.

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Weekly news bulletin of the Abertzale Left nº118

5-11 March.
Respect for the Rights of Basque Political Prisoners.
The Collective of Basque Political Prisoners reaffirms their commitment to the process.
International Experts in the Social Forum.
In Brief.

Respect for the Rights of Basque Political Prisoners

The 197/2006 Doctrine will be revised this coming March 20th by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) located in Strasbourg.

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A plea in favour of dialogue by ETA members


The people present before this court are members of ETA and we humbly but honourably defend our militancy. Today, carrying out a mission confided by our Organization, we are going to speak in the name of ETA:

You have brought us here before this court as people politically kidnapped. You have brought us here to judge us and to condemn us, as you have done before with many other Basque citizens.

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Weekly news bulletin of the Abertzale Left nº112

22-28 January.
Initiative towards reconciliation and the resolution of the conflict.
New initiatives in demand for a change in the penitentiary policy.
In Brief.

Initiative towards reconciliation and the resolution of the conflict

In the town of Errenteria in Gipuzkoa representatives of all the municipalities groups presented an initiative to advance towards reconciliation, resolution and peace.

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EH Bildu adopts specific commitments in defence of the rights of the prisoners

EH Bildu has announced that; after the great demonstration in Bilbao and responding to the demand from Basque society which demands commitments from all Basque political, trade union and social agents; they have adopted specific commitments in this sense. A commitment to end dispersion, to achieve the recognition and respect for all human rights, for the resolution of the conflict and for the construction of peace.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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