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The European Court of Human Rights rejects the 197/2006 Doctrine


This Monday, october 21th, it was made public the definitive decision of the European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg about the 197/2006 Doctrine which affects nearly 60 Basque political prisoners who in its application have seen their sentences lengthened.

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By any chance would you abandon one of your family members, Mr. Yuste?


I am writing you with the intention of letting you know our indignation and complete rejection of the grave declarations that you made last week, making us responsible for the accidents that are caused by the policy of dispersion. These declarations seem very serious to us, only understandable when one realizes that you are just simply giving voice to this policy of revenge and extermination that was designed two decades ago against us, the family members, the well-known policy of dispersion. This which obliges us to play with our lives every weekend on the highways. If it is that, by luck, we are healthy enough to make these costly and devastating trips, because we can’t forget the family members who have damaged their health afterwards in every kilometre for more than 20 years. The family members who put ourselves behind the wheel, as you say, we do so because we are obliged, obliged to travel these hundreds of kilometres which separate us from our loved ones to be able to have a visit of 40 minutes behind a cold glass, conscious that every word of endearment, of anger or intimacy is being recorded and analysed as one more piece in the macabre machinations of hate and destruction that is the penitentiary policy.

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Special Bulletin

Summary of the political year 2012-2013

With this bulletin we say goodbye to the political course of 2012-2013. In it we cover some of the main events related to the resolution process of the conflict that have taken place during the year.

This has been an intense political course, in which we have been able to confirm the desire of the social and political majority of this country to move forward with the process and achieve a definitive scenario of a just and lasting peace based on the respect of the free will of the citizens of the Basque Country. Facing that we have also confirmed the position of stagnation and even regression that the Spanish government maintains and the copy-cat politics of the French government.

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weekly bulletin nº124

7-22 April
A Popular Wall in support of Basque youth.
Political prisoners and the resolution of the conflict.
In Brief.

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Weekly bulletin nº122

2-9 April.
The criminal penitentiary policy of the Spanish and French states has to end.
The Declaration of Aiete continues gathering support.
New sentence against Basque youths.
In Brief.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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