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Ibon Meñika: If the knot of the prisoners is untied, the resolution process will be unstoppable.


original interview in GARA basque newspaper

Interview with Ibon Meñika; A young Basque with a long trajectory first in the youth movement and later in the defence of Basque Political Prisoners.

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Drop by drop, we are sea. Basque prisoners to the Basque Country.

Gearing up for January’s Big Day for Prisoners’ Rights.


This coming January 11th, there will take place in Bilbao a great mobilization in favour of the rights of Basque political prisoners and exiles. The acts calling for this mobilization have begun to take place throughout the Basque geography.

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J.Gimenez: The door of the ‘Parot Doctrine’ was opened illegally and has been completely shut”

Joaquin Gimenez

Original full interview in DEIA newspaper

A veteran judge experienced in a thousand legal battles expressed his opposition to the so-called ‘Parot Doctrine’ since it was installed in 2006.

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Attacks against friends and family members of Basque Political Prisoners


Concern facing the harassment and persecution that friends and family members are suffering at numerous prisons in the Spanish state.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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