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224 prisoners should be free now and only 7 are in Basque prisons.

Etxerat (the association of relatives and friends of Basque political prisoners) confirms with details in their balance of this past 2012 that Madrid and Paris “haven’t taken a single step to overcome the policy of exception.”

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Weekly news bulletin of the Abertzale left nº 109

1-7 January.
January 12th, a date with the rights for Basque political prisoners and refugees.
Batasuna dissolves itself in the French state.
In Brief.

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Spain and France don’t take any steps because they know they are losers in the political debate

original interview in firstlinepress italian webpage
Pernando Barrena

How do you continue to try to advance in the Peace Process in the Basque Country?

At one year from the International Peace Conference of Donostia / San Sebastian and the later declaration by ETA putting an end to their armed activity we can make an evaluation with shadows and lights. It is evident that since then the situation has changed radically regarding the political and social climate of the country and that the Abertzale Left has the support of a political party (Sortu) declared legal by the Constitutional Court, but the governments of Spain and France continue acting as if nothing has happened, when there is a majority demand from Basque society to continue taking steps that secure the peace and the search for solutions.

We consider that it is fundamental to deal with an agenda relative to the consequences of 50 years of armed confrontation that includes such relative subjects as the release of prisoners of political motivations, the recognition and reparation of all of the victims and, of course, the disarming of ETA and demilitarization. This technical agenda must be dealt with directly by ETA and the governments with the objective of agreeing without delay on an orderly end to all of the subjects referred to.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that before, during and after the armed activity of ETA there exists an underlying conflict of a political character that must be dealt with politically by way of dialogue and agreement among all the Basque political agents and that has to search for a formula that guarantees from a scrupulously democratic perspective that we Basques can decide our destiny freely without any kind of external interference and that this exercise of self-determination must be respected by all parts, including the Spanish and French states.

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Weekly news bulletin of the Abertzale Left nº106

11-17 December.
Important initiatives for the resolution of the conflict.
The Basque process in the Finnish Parliament.
In Brief.

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Weekly news bulletin of the Abertzale Left nº101

Massive demonstration in Bayonne for the rights of prisoners and refugees.
SORTU begins their constitutive process.
25 years of Askapena, 25 years of Internationalism.
Important declaration from a trial of members of ETA.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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