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Weekly Bulletin nº133

26 June-2 July
Political trials continue against Basque citizens.
Members of the European Parliament denounce that they were impeded from visiting Arnaldo Otegi.
In Brief.

Political trials continue against Basque citizens


80 Basque citizens will be tried beginning in October in different mega-trials in the Spanish National Court for their political work.


The Spanish state ignoring the new time that the Basque Country is living and the hopes for reaching a scenario of solid and lasting peace, continues with their judicial offensive against the political work of pro-independence leftists.

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Jokin Aranalde: “The proposal of the EIPK is positive and constructive”

A leftist Abertzale, he has spent all his life being a militant. He has known the tortures of Francoism and of the “democracy”. At 67 years old he is facing a new blow after having been arrested by the French police. He acts with an astonishing serenity, convinced that, “although it seems to the contrary” they are “opening a path to the definitive resolution of the conflict”.

While he waits to find out the real cause for which the Spanish National Court asked for him to be handed over, Jokin Aranalde leads a normal life sharing his personal chores with his political militancy.

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Weekly bulletin nº131

12-18 June
The collective of basque exiles makes their contribution to the process of solutions.
Otegi proposes more initiatives to overcome the blockage.
In Brief.

The collective of basque exiles makes their contribution to the process of solutions

A massive public act of collective political exiles this past week this past Saturday in Biarritz.

The collective of Basque political exiles presented their contribution to the resolution process of the conflict in an emotional act in which thousands of people showed their solidarity with members of this collective.

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Free Otegi – Free Them All

Website of the International Declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi & to bring Basque political prisoners home:

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