Confronted by the “perceived blockade” of the process, Lokarri together with Bake Bidean, promoted the Social Forum to drive the peace process in March 2013. This Forum presented a document with useful recommendations to overcome the obstacles that the route to peace and coexistence is facing at present.

Following the involvement of 700 people, contributions by 12 international experts and more than 500 specific proposals, both organisations presented their recommendations on the decommissioning of weapons and the dismantling of ETA’s military structures, the reinsertion into society of prisoners and people on the run, the guarantee of human rights and the principles needed to deal with everything that had happened in the past. The core idea revolved around dialogue, citizens’ participation and consensus as the way to establish a solid basis for coexistence in the future.

With the aim of extending spaces for dialogue and collaboration, managing the content of the recommendations of the Social Forum and achieving solid progress in the peace process, Bake Bidea and Lokarri promoted the creation of a group of key figures in different areas of society who represent a wide range of citizens’ opinions: the Committee to drive the peace process, created with the basic aim of managing the implementation of the Social Forum’s recommendations with the institutions, parties and other stakeholders involved in the peace process. The Committee is made up of Anne Marie Bordas, Henri Labayle, Michele Tubiana, Maite Pérez Larumbe, Fernando Armendariz, Garbiñe Biurrun, Nazario Oleaga and Jordi Armadans.

Basque society has clearly shown its support for the resolution of the conflict, the negative attitude of the Spanish Government and their lack of commitment for peace has brought us to an scenario on which Basque society has started thinking about a Basque-centred process. The recommendations of the Social Forum for Peace, the pressure of the international community and the active citizens’ mobilization for the rights of prisoners and in support of the peace process in general terms must bring us to a situation on which the Spanish Government is forced to respect its own legislation.