The objective of this web page is to offer a trustworthy vision about the different initiatives showing the way to help with the resolution and overcoming of the long political conflict that the Basque Country is living.

In it we want to cover the different initiatives promoted in the Basque Country, as well as at the international level, with the objective of reaching and guaranteeing a scenario of a just and lasting peace.

We consider that the international community has an important role to carry out in the resolution of the Basque conflict and it is for that that through this web page we try to inform this international community of the different contributions and initiatives that the different agents make with the objective of advancing towards the definitive resolution of the conflict.

From this web page we try to contribute to the democratic resolution of the long conflict that the Basque Country is living. We believe that the Declaration of Aiete constitutes a totally valid roadmap which must be advanced and strengthened. Through dialogue among the different agents agreements must be reached that make possible the achievement of a scenario of justice and peace in which any expression of violence has disappeared and in which all political projects can be defended and materialized.

We consider important to advance on this path the recommendations of the social forum published in May of 2013 in Donostia-San Sebastian. The implementation of them will help towards a definitive resolution of the conflict.