During an official ceremony held on the 3rd May 2018 at the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue’s (HD) in Geneva, Switzerland, HD’s Executive Director, David Harland, confirmed that the organisation had received ETA’s official final declaration that the group had disbanded forever.

This final declaration – which HD is certain is official and authentic – was sent to HD in four languages (Basque, Spanish, French and English),, signed and stamped by ETA, and dated 3rd May 2018. It was accompanied by a letter to HD from the group explaining its decision.

In its declaration, the last the group will ever make, ETA stated that it had “decided to end its 60 years of existence and that this decision “had been taken by the entire membership of the organization”. The group also confirmed that as a result of this decision, it had “completely dismantled all of its structures”, “put an end to all its political activity, and would “no longer express political positions, promote initiatives or interact with other actors”.

See the whole statement below: