The International Contact Group, the Permanent Social Forum and Bakebidea have announced that an International Conference will be held in Villa Arnaga on the 4th May 2018.

You will find below the text read during the Press Conference an the list of elected representatives from the North of the Basque Country who support the Conference:


In October 17th, 2011 we, the ICG, together with other groups organized an International Conference to promote the resolution of the conflict in Basque Country. There, we stressed our believe that the objective to achieve a just and lasting peace of the last violent conflict in Europe was feasible. We truly believed that with the support of the Basque society, its political representatives and the international community it was possible to do it.

Since then, Peace in the Basque Country has advanced. The Basque Country, the civil society, the political parties, the local and regional institutions all of them have shown leadership and have tried to overcome all obstacles and difficulties to advance on their purpose. It has not been easy, it is not being easy, but Basques have shown a clear determination to move forward on their objective to achieve a just and lasting peace. We saw it in Aiete in 2011, we saw it again in Bayonne in April 2017. We are sure we will see further progress in the near future.

Today we believe there are conditions for new relevant steps that can contribute to advance on our last objective. With this objective in mind and with the purpose to advance on the resolution of the conflict in the Basque Country we the organizers will host a new International Event in Kanbo on the 4th of May, 2018. We invite all Basque civil and political organizations as well as institutions to participate on it with the purpose of placing a new milestone in the path of a just and lasting peace.

Time has come for the renewal of our commitment with peace in the Basque Country.


Elected representatives : HERE