1007 Elected Representatives have endorsed the December 9th Paris Demonstration. During the press Conference elected representatives issued form every party took the ground to explain their position.

“The magnitude of the consensus around the issue of the peace process shows the tremendous political maturity of this territory,” said Max Brisson, Senator Les Républicains (LR) of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in his speech closing the press conference. 1,007 elected representatives signed the motion unanimously voted by the Basque Country Community (CAPB), the Institutional Framework of the North of the Basque Country, on September 23rd, which called for: “the bringing together of prisoners, the release of those who are ill or at the end of sentence “, that is to say the application” neither more nor less “than common law. Elected officials come from all political parties.

All the elected parliamentarians of the Basque Country under French rule, from Jean Lassalle to Denise Saint Pé, including Senators Frédérique Espagnac, Max Brisson and deputies Vincent Bru and Florence Lasserre-David. Together with them are regional councilors from New Aquitaine, from the Basque Country but not only, two more councilors from Béarn also joined the list, departmental councilors and 98 mayors out of the 158 in the North Basque Country. All municipalities are represented thanks to the signatures of 826 municipal councilors.

Speakers at the press conference stressed the urgency of finding a solution. Vincent Bru who trying to challenge on this subject the majority to which he belongs to in the National Assembly thus declared: “the Basque Country has waited too much.” Jean-René Etchegaray, Mayor of Bayonne and President of CAPB also recalled that “today, time is running out, we do not want the Basque Country to be the last theater of armed conflict in Western Europe.”