Former French Justice Minister (2012-2016) Christiane Taubira published a tweet on the 23rd Novemeber to support the 9th December Demonstration in Paris:

A moment to seize. The road to peace is never an easy path. It is paved with suffering, legitimate resentment, impossible forgiveness. Any action for peace is an act of political courage. And a bet. It does not erase anything but it makes it possible

The tweet included the following video:

Christiane Taubira highlights the efforts made in recent years for peace in Euskal Herria and stresses that “we are together to take the risk of peace.”

“We know that peace calls for incensing efforts, that it involves dialogue and that it entails the possibility of disagreements, the likelihood of divergences that may seem insoluble,” she says, to underline the “self-denial” and “constancy” that peace requires.

The former minister looks back and highlights milestones such as the Aiete Conference or the contribution of the elected representatives and civil society for the resolution process.

In this sense, she notes that the territorial issue seemed “unsolvable”, but adds that today the Institutional Framework of Ipar Euskal Herria is a reality. Disarmament also, she recalls, seemed “utopian” and culminated in the day of April 8 in Baiona.

Now, she considers, “it is time to recognize all the victims” and to dismiss the exceptional legislation applied to prisoners.

Taubira believes that we must continue working on this line for the sake of “the next generation”.