Representatives of PNV, EH Bildu, Podemos Nafarroa, Geroa Bai, Podemos Donostia, ELA, LAB, STEILAS, Etxalde and Antikapitalistak held a press conference on the morning of the 22nd december to release the following public statement:

Communiqué of political parties, trade unions and social agents:

The political parties and trade unions here present in this press conference have made an evaluation of the situation given after the operation last Thursday in Louhossoa and we want to make public the following reflections and petitions:

  1. We want to show our satisfaction for the release of those detained: Txetx Etcheverry, Michel Berhocoirigoin, Beatrice Molle-Haran, Michel Bergougnan and Stepane Etchegaray. We also positively evaluate the commitment expressed by hundreds of elected officials and institutional officials and the social mobilization demonstrated, which explains this result in a great way.
  2. As well as that many elected officials of the north of the Basque Country of all political tendencies, we require from the French and Spanish governments to assume their responsibility and to jointly help with an ordered decommissioning, controlled, safe and transparent, in line with the international standards that apply in similar cases.
  3. We believe that in this task independent instruments of verification are required like the existing International Verification Commission, which is recognized by our institutions, the parties and organizations that represent Basque society.
  4. We also urge for the governments of the Basque Country and Navarre, given their competencies in matters of security, to contribute so that this decommissioning is carried out with success. We consider that the Parliaments of Gasteiz and Pamplona, as well as the grouping of municipalities that is going to be constituted in the north of the Basque Country, must have the possibility to follow this process.

We are convinced that the adequate articulation among representative institutions, groups of verification and the representative organizations of civil society can contribute enormously to bring to a successful end this process of decommissioning. For that, today, we manifest the commitment of our political and trade union organizations for peace.