The day on coexistence in the Parliamentary Chamber of Navarre for the Permanent Social Forum has concluded with a call on political agents to “begin an integrative and definitive path. This must be the legislature of solutions”. This path has been seeded by eleven victims of different sides during four very emotional hours.

Families of the mortal victims provoked by different agents, elected officials who have spent years with bodyguards, a torture victim and the sister of someone who died because of the dispersal policy have shared experiences and points of view about coexistence in the Parliament of Navarre all afternoon today, in a special session of the Permanent Social Forum.

After this day, in which the President of the Parliament, Ainhoa Aznarez, and the Mayor of Pamplona, joseba Asiron, assisted, Fernando Armendariz and Begoña Uharte have expressed in name of the Permanent Social Forum that “this must be the legislature of solutions. There is a society which demands it. And there is a favourable time for it”. Their call was directed, above all, to those political agents, those who did it from Aiete as well as two weeks ago. They have also advanced that after the session of decommissioning and this about coexistence in Navarre, they will also continue working on the track of the return of the exiles and those on the run.

Before, in the second roundtable of the day, three councillors of the PSN who had bodyguards (Mercedes Sanchez, Jose Luis Uriz and Julia Cid); Eneko Etxeberria, the brother of “Naparra”; Txema Jurado, ex-councillor for the Abertzale Left, prisoner for the “Udalbitza Case” and later absolved; Oihan Ataun, tortured; Jose Ignacio Meijide, from Gesto por la Paz; Ana Fernandez, the sister of Sara Fernandez, killed in an accident on the way to the prison of Valdemoro; and Atizaber Berrueta, a baker who was killed by a Spanish policeman and his son.

The roundtable was very moving, with some cases which were told for the first time and that unmasked their own suffering with complete sincerity. It became evident the commitment of these victims with coexistence – although with bases about which this concept means – and its enormous capacity for empathy – . And above all it has demonstrated its incomprehension for its questions which have been blocked for five years after the decision of ETA, with numerous references to the necessity to end dispersion.

Lourdes Zabalza and Iñaki Garcia Arrizabalaga together promote coexistence in the Social Forum

lourdes-zabalza-and-inaki-garcia-arrizabalagaThe day, “Building coexistence in Navarre convoked by the Permanent Social Forum and which took place in the Plenary Session of the Parliament opened with an emotional face-to-face between Lourdes Zabalza and Iñaki Garcia Arrizabalaga, the son of a victim of the Anti-capitalist Autonomous Commandos. [CAA].

Two victims of political violence opened a special session of the Permanent Social Forum in Pamplona. Their family members died at the hands of organizations who were confronting each other. But there were multiple coincidences between them. The two cases occurred in the 80’s (1980 and 1985), both are still without being clarified legally and the two speakers have complained about being forgotten by the institutions. They have also suffered common problems with the publication in the press of the cadavers of their family members, something frequent during that time period, if Zabalza has pointed out in his case that image at least served to show that the official version was that Milel spent three weeks drowned in the Bidasoa River.

Above all of this pain, they have made a combined apology of coexistence, even in situations where justice hasn’t been done, like this one. “You can build coexistence without the Amazon of justice”, Lourdes Zabalza has said. But the son of he who was the delegate of Telefonica in Gipuzkoa, “we coexisted after the Civil War, but the wound didn’t heal well. And we are still pulling people out of the graves.” Iñaki Garcia Arrizabalaga says that he considers that it is “a mistake and and an error and a horror that they don’t count Mikel Zabalza as a victim”. And he has pointed out that the new Spanish government should end dispersion and recognize Mikel Zabalza as a victim. And he has pointed out that the new Spanish government should end with dispersion and work to clarify the attacks by ETA that haven’t been cleared yet.

The day was opened by the President of the Parliament of Navarre, Ainhoa Aznarez, and by Fernando Armendariz in name of the Permanent Social Forum. The Mayor of Pamplona, Joseba Asiron, also assisted as well as elected officials of formations such as EH Bildu, Podemos and PSN.