The “Kalera, Kalera!” initiative started on 10 December, with an act in Usurbil, where various people who had suffered repression shut themselves in. From this day and until 8 January they will carriy out numerous acts throughout the geography of the Basque Country.

From 10 December until 8 January the fronton of Usurbil will be the scenario of a popular and multitudinous initiative promoted by former Basque prisoners in solidarity with those who are still imprisoned and to demand their freedom. The inaugural act of Kaleragunea  took place at 5:30pm and included a political intervention and the singing of “Kalera, Kalera”, candles were lit and all  the programmed acts were announced.

As they recalled from the dynamic of KALERA KALERA, in this time they have the intention to maintain contacts with political, social and trade union agents, always in the framework of solidarity with the prisoners and from the perspective of that “now is the time to show that the Basque Country lives in a new time and to close all the consequences of the conflict”, and for that, “to free all of the Basque prisoners”.

The activities which will take place during this month will be of all types, cultural as well as sports and festive, and it won’t be limited to Usurbil, because there will also be events in other points of the Basque Country. In this sense, it comes to mind the marches to the prisons of Zaballa, Basauri, Martutene and Lannemezan on the 24th and the 31st, and the human chain that will take place on 6 January in Donostia.

All the information about the programme can be found on their webpage.