After the alleged discovery of an ETA arms cache last October 12th, ETA states that the cache had been left out of its weapons’ sealing process as the Armed organisation feared its secrecy had been compromised. ETA adds that it had suspected the weapon cache had been turned into a trap for its activists and had therefore been abandoned. ETA reaffirms its willingness to comply with its previous compromises and to take new ones.

ETA’s statement:

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, the Basque socialist revolutionary organisation for national liberation, wants to announce that the weapons announced by police forces on the 12th October had been left out of the sealing process by the organisation, as ETA had long suspected that police forced could be spying the cache. No member of our organisation has visited that place for a long time. Therefore, Police forces have not dismantled one of ETA’s weapons caches, but a trap set against ETA.

Why have they removed that trap now? ETA has tried to find a proper solution for the caches which don’t have a secure control, without waiting for the disarmament process. It seems that the rumours of a possible step on such sense have created doubts upon those who want to impose a “victors and vanquished” scheme. Trough that operation and through several leaks to the media, they have tried to send a clear message: That no one makes the smallest movement looking for reasonable solutions.

Over that, we must add that the data and information released after the police forces’ operation is full of lies and intoxications, because the Spanish Home Affairs Ministry wants to keep making propaganda.

ETA wants to warn about the seriousness of those events and attitudes, as they set political interest before citizens’ security. It is incredible that the Government of France has this attitude in its territory. We want to address citizens to advise them about the irresponsibility of the Governments. We also want to let the actors who are willing to help overcome the consequences of conflict and help with the disarmament know that: we will try to fulfill all our compromises and we will take new ones. They have ETA’s word on it.

Euskal Herria, 18th October 2016

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna