Monday 17th October marked the fifth aniversary of Aiete. The previous Saturday the Social Forum released a note to annouce its constitution as a a Permanent Social Forum.

[Press Release by the Permanent Social Forum]

The recently built network of the Permanent Social Forum considers that the roadmap set by Aiete continues to be absolutely valid.

We understand that the multiple obstacles that the roadmap suffers, mainly on the part of the French and Spanish states.

In any case, these multiple obstacles can’t bring us to resignation. The Permanent Sociall Forum wants to underscore that this isn’t the attitude of civil society that is organizing to bring to good end the 12 recommendations of published in 2013 in the first Social Forum.

The last, this past February 28th, 2016, with the recommendations of the III Social Forum of Gernika about the need to design, develop and finish the process of decommissioning, dismantling and destruction.

We think that, five years later, the roadmap designed in the International Conference of Aiete continues being an adequate point of reference for the work that these past 8 months the Permanent Social Forum is developing, more specifically, in the subject of the decommissioning and destruction of arsenals of ETA.

In this sense, we reiterate the call to the Spanish and French governments to facilitate the work of the destruction of the weapons, ammunition and explosives or at least not to put obstacles for it.

Finally, we announce that on Saturday, 22 October, in Aiete there will be the presentation of the Permanent Social Forum with a wide representation of entities and personalities that we will make known to you.