Sare, through these lines, makes public their opinion concerning the recommendations of the Social Forum that were presented on the 4th February to the Basque Parliament.

The citizens’ network Sare in favour of the return of the prisoners and exiles and in favour of their, and their relatives’, rights, wants through these lines to make public their opinion concerning the recommendations that the Social Forum presented today, Ferbuary 4 2015, to the Basque Parliament.

Before beginning, we want to congratulate Lokarri, Bake Bidean and to the different agents of the same character for the work that they do. Congratulate them because facing the attitudes that want to keep us stuck once and again in the past, of wanting to expand a feeling of resignation in Basque society and the negative steps that try to force us to walk with the Spanish and French governments, puts us on the path to resolution through collective work and coexistence built on common grounds.

On the other hand, we are in complete agreement with the proposals presented today in the Basque Parliament*, given that the three measures that they have wanted to underscore are basic. It seems to us, above all, indispensable the elaboration of the report about the degree of respect and the guarantees of the human rights that correspond to the prisoners; because unfortunately, it is obvious that every day their human rights are systematically violated, and also those of their closest environment; dispersion or the situation of ill prisoners is manifested as the most flagrant and crude examples.

We want to express our total disposition, if we can help in any sense, to collaborate. We also offer ourselves to work in the diffusion and denouncing and participating in different initiatives through the tools of this nature.

There are those who are interested in that the confrontation persists, the confrontation and suffering, but we are the majority who want a coexistence based on the respect of human rights for everyone. And it as reflection of that that all of us are clear on the necessity of leaving the agenda of confrontation and to conform the agenda of agreements. Institutions, agents and individuals, all of us. The activation of every neighbour is indispensable for realizing the reclamation. We are necessary. Because all of us will win.

Here and now. We close the door of suffering and open the window to hope.

*Editorial Note: The proposals presented today were, to reiterate the demand to the transfer of competencies about prisons (included in the recommendations of the Forum), to elaborate a report about the degree of fulfilment of the rights of the prisoners and to open a relation with the representation of the Basque Political Prisoners’ Collective (EPPK).