A presentation of the citizens’ network in defence of the most fundamental rights of Basque prisoners, exiles and deportees.

Sare, whose translation means “network”, will be the name of the citizens’ network that will work for the resolution and so that the human rights of the prisoners, refugees and exiles are respected. A citizens’ network that will act from mutual respect and consensus, with the conviction that every contribution, small or big, will grow.

This new citizens’ network is born from the reflection made made in the past months by numerous people of different political cultures and sensibilities that signed what is known as the Declaration of San Telmo. In it they cover what they consider “minimal indispensable conditions” to advance in the resolution of the conflict that takes into account all the consequences of it. Now with the public presentation SARE is trying to take a new step forward in the respect of human rights, the resolution of the conflict and peace.

As the promoters of the initiative expressed in the public presentation this past Sunday June 15th in Donostia, the protagonism of this project belongs exclusively to the Basque citizenry. “It’s their time”, they said before the numerous crowd who came to the event.

For that they made a sincere call to join forces of the people who could have been in confrontation in the past for an objective that is worth it: the respect of human rights, resolution and peace.

They consider that the conflict will not end while there are 600 prisoners whose rights are being violated, but when the consequences are resolved. From Sare they want to work to put an end to these consequences. The promoters of this initiative have joined forces for the defence of the prisoners, exiles and deportees.

On this path they ask the governments of Madrid and Paris to comply with their own laws and to take steps forward. “Madrid and Paris want to keep the door open to the violations, we for hope”, they said.

Sare attempts to create workspaces, local as well as more extensive, that promote the protagonism of the people and different areas. Together with that they will develop initiatives of increasing awareness to denounce the violations and to overcome them. And all of that with the implication of the citizenry, since as they affirmed in their presentation “it is time to bring all the prisoners and exiles home, to give a solution to the conflict, it is the moment for the citizens”.