Giving continuation to the work done during the past months, the Social Forum to promote the peace process will be held on the 20th and 21st of June in two work sessions in Pamplona and Bilbao.

The Social Forum considers that “During the past years important advances have been produced but great difficulties continue to be present that have to be settled to consolidate an inclusive peace process.” For that they believe that they have to continue developing initiatives to promote the implication of society in the peace process and to open spaces where one can speak, hear and contribute ideas for the peace process. These sessions will be organized with this objective.

In the sessions they will cover subjects related to the peace process and the protagonism that society must have in the process. The first session will be held in Iruñea on the 20th and will have as its theme “citizens’ participation in the peace process” and the second will take place in Bilbao on the 21st with the subject of “the reintegration of prisoners and those on the run”.

In both sessions local and international experts will cover the subjects mentioned together with anonymous citizens. From the Social Forum to promote peace a call will be made to the Basque citizenry to participate in these sessions.

The organizers want to give a voice to the citizenry and for them to become the protagonists in the peace process. With this objective they have also put in march a gathering of contributions through internet about the subjects to be dealt with in the Forum.

These sessions will be defined in the activities that the Social Forum has foreseen to do during the coming months with the objective of promoting the consolidation of peace and coexistence, encouraging the protagonism of society in the peace process and strengthening the consensus around the recommendations presented just a year ago.