The prisoners and exiles continue to be one of the main subjects on the agenda of the resolution of the conflict. Dealing with the consequences of the conflict implies that the situation of the prisoners and exiles be resolved.

A few months ago the collective of Basque Political Prisoners took an important step on this path. Now it has been the EIPK exiles’ collective who have announced the beginning of the return home of the men and women who make up this collective.

We have also found out about the creation of a new collective in defence of the Human Rights of Basque Political Prisoners, KonpONbidea, which will have a day of reflection about this subject on April 12th.

Diverse international organisms have also expressed their preoccupation for human rights in the Basque case and the application of torture in it. In this bulletin we cover this preoccupation.

Throughout the past month we have become aware of new reactions to the step taken by ETA to put their weapons beyond use. This step has been welcomed by diverse international agents who believe that it means a significant step towards the definitive resolution of the conflict.


The return home has begun

EIPKThe Collective of Basque Political Exiles has announced that various of its members have begun to return to their places of origin.

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New initiative to ask for the compliance of the human rights of Basque prisoners

Diverse personalities from different spheres of Basque society have signed a declaration in which they ask for the respect of the Human Rights of the prisoners.

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Peace Process, A Shared Responsibility

Opinion piece by Joseba Azkarraga, former Minister of Justice in the Basque government and member of KonpONbidea initiative. Published in different Basque newspapers on 7 April 2014. In it he calls for reflection and debate to advance in the peace process.

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Amnesty International: Human Rights Priorities for the Spanish Government 2014-15

amnesty InternationalReport by Amnesty International which enumerates a series of recommendations to the Spanish authorities in matters of human rights.

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International Association Against Torture (IAAT – AICT) declaration

Declaration of the International Association Against Torture IAAT – AICT denouncing the situation of the violation of the rights of Basque prisoners.

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Diverse international agents salute the beginning of disarmament on the part of ETA

Reactions of important international agents to the step taken by ETA towards disarming

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Desmond Tutu welcomes Basque peace progress

Desmond_tutu_20070607_2Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has welcomed the announcement by Basque separatist movement, ETA, that it is to disable its arms stockpile.

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