The Collective of Basque Political Exiles has announced that various of its members have begun to return to their places of origin.

The Collective of Basque Political Exiles (EIPK) has taken a new step on the path of returning home and overcoming the consequences of the conflict. A step in which they pretend to begin to put into practice the roadmap announced in June of 2013 in Biarritz. An unilateral step from the commitment that the members of the collective have with the definitive resolution of the conflict.

On Saturday numerous members appeared publicly to give an account of their commitment to the resolution of the conflict and the initiative that has begun to be put into practice. The representatives of the EIPK stated that it is time to take steps towards the resolution, and that the members look to the future with eagerness and hope. In their declaration they also gave an account of the decision adopted “from today onwards, we can see ourselves again in the plazas of our hometowns”; they reaffirmed their political commitment and their willingness to contribute to the definitive resolution of the conflict. “We fled to be free and for that we begin to return, to promote the resolution process together with our people”.

They are conscious that the return of all the exiles will not be easy and it won’t come about immediately. The exiles’ collective is a wide collective and with diverse personal situations. On the path home numerous difficulties continue to exist, the legal and personal situation of their members is diverse. In spite of that, they have decided to give a solution “to the situations in which returning is possible”.

For the time being, it will be the exiles who don’t have pending cases with Spanish justice who take the step, in fact some of the exiles have already begun to return to their hometowns. Some have returned, or will return, to definitively stay in their places of origin, many others will go to visit friends and family members, or just to walk the streets where they spent the first years of their lives.

Others must wait for the process to advance and for the reasons that forced them to abandon their towns and go into exile to be resolved. There is a long way to go to reach a definitive solution to the conflict, the EIPK, just as was previously done by the Basque Political Prisoners’ Collective, have expressed their commitment to the the resolution process and their willingness to take steps that contribute to reach a just and lasting peace.

In this resolution process it is indispensable, among other things, the return home of all of the prisoners and refugees.