The announcement that ETA has begun to put their armament beyond operational use at the end of February by members of the IVC signifies a new step and shows the firm will of ETA to advance towards the definitive resolution of the conflict.

This announcement, together with the evaluations of it on the part of important international personalities, is one of the main subjects of this bulletin.

The other subject to which we pay special attention is the Social Forum for Peace that took place in Bayonne. Another step towards the achievement of a scenario of a just and lasting peace in which a special mention is made of the importance that the active participation and the commitment of the citizens have in the resolution process. In this forum, together with Basque political, trade union and social representatives, numerous international experts in the resolution of conflicts participated.

Together with these subjects we also cover in this bulletin the adhesion of the former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, to the Declaration of Aiete and the interview made with two representatives of the Basque Political Prisoners’ Collective (EPPK).

The IVC has verified that ETA has started putting weapons beyond use

IVCRegarding the announcement of the members of the International Verification Commission.

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ETA’s statement to the Basque Country

ETA’s statement, confirming that it has begun the process of sealing its arsenal, dated on the 24th February 2014 and released 1st March.

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ETA needs Spain’s help to put its arms beyond use

Jonathan PowellArticle by Jonathan Powell in Financial Times about ETA’s decommissioning

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The announcement of ETA’s disarmament in the world media

Press dossier that covers what has been published in the world media about ETA’s disarmament.

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The Social Forum for Peace in Bayonne

foroThis past Saturday, March 1st, the Social Forum for Peace took place in Bayonne, organized by Bake Bidea, Lokarri and the Faculty of Bayonne.

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Aaro Suonio: “When there are more witnesses, there is more confidence”

Interview made by Pantxika Delobel and published in the French newspaper Sud-ouest on March 2nd, 2014, with Aaro Suonio; a specialist in conflict management

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B. Currin: If the governments don’t participate, to whom do they turn over the weapons?

Interview with the South African lawyer Brian Currin published in the newspaper DEIA on March 2nd, 2014.

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Lula da Silva endorses the Aiete Declaration

LulaThe ex-president of Brazil Lula da Silva has expressed his adhesion to the Declaration of Aiete.

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EPPK: Bringing back the prisoners would give an incredible impulse to the process

Interview with Marixol Iparragirre and Jon Olarra, two of the representatives of the Basque Political Prisoners’ Collective (EPPK).

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