On Saturday, February 8th, the ETA organization made public a communiqué in which they positively assessed the latest political events in the Basque Country. Along with that they announced the adoption of a series of commitments on the path towards the resolution of the conflict.

This organization announced the definitive cessation of armed activity more than two years ago on 20 October 2011. Since then they have shown on repeated occasions their firm commitment with the new political time open in the Basque Country and their willingness to contribute to the definitive resolution of the conflict.

mani bilbaoIn the communiqué made public this past weekend, the organization went over the latest events in the Basque Country. They consider as advances on the path towards the resolution of the conflict acts such as: the creation of the Commission to Promote the Peace Process, presented this past December 23rd; the stance taken by the Collective of Basque Political Prisoners, made public on December 28th; or the massive demonstration that on January 11th filled the streets of Bilbao.

After evaluating these acts as positive steps given by the citizenry and diverse Basque political agents, they are sceptical with respect to the will of the Spanish and French states. According to ETA; Spain continues to act deaf towards the will of the Basque citizenry and the French state remains silent as if it had nothing to do with what is happening.

Facing this situation ETA proposes to defend what is pacted among the political and social forces and the Basque citizenry towards the Spanish and French states with a single voice and with strength to achieve a stable and lasting peace.

ETA ends by affirming that in these important moments it is the job of everyone to build a future in peace and freedom. On the path to contribute an integral resolution, the organization has taken the following specific commitments:

  • To make significant contributions to nurture the process, without delay.
  • Willingness to take part in conversations and negotiations that can be utilized with the objective of reaching a resolution and peace. To offer in them their point of view and to introduce in the dialogue agenda the questions that directly affect their organization, which are among the ingredients for an integral resolution.
  • To make contact with the Commission to Promote the Peace Process which came from the Social Forum.

This communiqué supposes a new step in the peace process. The willingness shown by ETA to adopt specific commitments is an advance on the path towards the resolution of the conflict. It is up to the agents to continue taking steps towards the definitive resolution of the conflict and of its causes and consequences.