This coming January 11th, there will take place in Bilbao a great mobilization in favour of the rights of Basque political prisoners and exiles. The acts calling for this mobilization have begun to take place throughout the Basque geography.

The largest of those realized up to now took place last Saturday in Durango. In a joyful and colourful atmosphere, hundreds of people formed a symbolic wave in the centre of Durango as a first step towards the sea that the streets of Bilbao will be converted into this coming January 11th. The social initiative Tantaz Tanta (drop by drop) wants to make this day the biggest occupation of public space ever developed in the Basque Country.

What in Durango was a wave made of hundreds of drops for the rights of the prisoners and refugees in Bilbao will be converted into thousands of drops, which will form an immense sea. Every person will be a drop and among all of us we will form an immense sea that will demand the end of dispersion, as well as the release of ill prisoners and those who have completed all of their sentences.

A sea based on the respect for human rights, and in the conviction in that resolution and peace in the Basque Country requires a path for the returning home of political prisoners and refugees.

Each one of us must be a drop, and drop by drop flow into a great sea for human rights, resolution and peace. Joining together all of our drops, we will achieve it.