Concern facing the harassment and persecution that friends and family members are suffering at numerous prisons in the Spanish state.

A few weeks ago we spoke about the concern for the attitude shown by sectors of the Spanish right-wing due to the sentence of the European Court of Human Rights about the 197/2006 Doctrine.

Unfortunately this has converted into direct attacks and today we have to alert everyone about the attacks suffered by relatives of Basque political prisoners. This past weekend a van that was returning from visiting the prison in Murcia had rocks thrown at it by four people with clothing of the extreme-right. The damages to the vehicle were significant although none of the family members suffered personal injuries, the aggression could have provoked an accident.

This hasn’t been the only case suffered by family members and friends of prisoners this past weekend. On Friday relatives of another prisoner who came to receive him when he was released were hassled and insulted.

The family members and friends are suffering the direct consequences of the revenge campaign that some politicians and media have put in march. These attitudes are totally unacceptable. They have to immediately put an end to this harassment and these aggressions!