ETA’s statement to the Basque Country

Euskadi ta Askatasuna, the Basque National Liberation socialist revolutionary organization, would like to inform the Basque Country through this document about the following:

In recent weeks, as a result of the negative and obtrusive attitudes of the governments of Spain and France, the dialogue and negotiation space that was set to resolve the consequences of the conflict , has been dismantled.

On this regard ETA wants to make the following clarifications:

1. The formation of ETA’s delegation and the creation of the dialogue table, was a result of the commitments taken by the Spanish government and ETA, before ETA’s historic decision and under the protection of certain international actors. Its aim was to set the agenda for the resolution of the consequences of the conflict through dialogue and negotiation.

ETA has fulfilled all its commitments on that road-map. Meanwhile, Spain’s Government, hasn’t fulfilled them and, to the astonishment of all involved international actors, renounced to all its commitments  after the announcement of ETA’s decision. Thus, in addition to continuing the repressive activity and the violation of political prisoners’ basic rights, refused the peace dialogue, causing great harm to the process.

ETA made efforts to correct the situation with the governments of Spain and Gasteiz (Basque Autonomous Community), but for then the PSOE had already decided to distort and let spoil the process, as has been more and more visible every day.

2. However, ETA has kept its commitment and, through its representation, has made several efforts to move forward on the resolution process and to open up peace dialogue.

3. The Spanish government conformed after the November 2011 elections was informed about all the developments on the resolution process from the very beginning. The Spanish Government, therefore, knew well that the dialogue space to address the consequences of the conflict was ready and that ETA had the commitment to carry it to the end.

Despite the negative attitude of the Spanish government, ETA has behaved seriously and in a constructive-way at all times, both when the Spanish government has asked for time to reflect as well as when a chance to set up a discreet and a stable communication channel has appeared.

The Spanish government, however, has not shown any seriousness and has let the dialogue space perish, when its Intelligence services have not directly attacked and sabotaged it.

4. ETA has also informed the French government about its commitment and has presented specific and courageous proposals and offers to promote the opportunities for the resolution process . The French government, despite recognising the strength of the proposals, has decided to align with the Spanish Government’s stubborn lack of willingness, leaving any steps on the hands of the Spanish Government.

5. ETA has informed several international actors and personalities that support the process about its reflections and its proposals. All of them have highlighted the consistency and level of commitment of ETA’s steps and proposals, all that, while the Government’s attitude has generated concern and incomprehension.

6. During these months, the relation and joint-work between ETA and the International Verification Commission has been a constant, that has given beneficial results on the field of verification.

As the International Verification Commission has recently confirmed, ETA is holding all its commitments, even if the aggressive attitude of the French and Spanish states has created dangerous situations and added difficulties. In that sense, ETA wants to stress the responsibility and commitment level of all its members, as they have been crucial to prevent accidents and confrontations in front of the lack of responsibility of the States.

The dismantling of the dialogue and negotiation space, as a result of the Spanish governments attitude to spoil all resolution opportunities, will complicate the relation between ETA and the International Verification Commission from now on. Therefore, the options to make constructive contributions that were under study have been compromised.

7. Otherwise, ETA wants to clarify that the issue of disarmament was outside the mandate received by the International Verification Commission on its creation, and therefore, it hasn’t been and it is not in the agenda of ETA and the International Verification Commission.

In ETA’s opinion this theme is being used wickedly, to cover the full responsibility of the states in the blockade of the resolution process.

8. Notwithstanding the above, ETA wants to recall that it has shown it disposition to dialogue about its disarmament, as part of a dialogue agenda that will have as aim overcoming all the consequences of the conflict.

To this end, ETA wants to reaffirm that the detailed proposal submitted in November last year is still in force.

9. ETA usually deals the issues related to the negotiation front with due discretion. However, faced with leaks and intoxication that have as only aim damaging the process, ETA has seen the need of giving clarifications, for Basque citizens to have direct knowledge of these facts.

The dismantling of the dialogue and negotiation space is a clear step backwards and will have negative consequences as it complicates and delays resolution process.

In this context, PNV’s continued support to the Spanish Government is becoming more and more difficult to understand. It is even more difficult to understand that the PNV uses the excuse of discretion to cover the lack of willingness of the Spanish Government and avoid any criticism, while they keep irresponsibly speculating about the really serious issues in the public arena.

ETA wants to call all the agents to reflect about the contributions each one can make in front of the attacks and will of Spain and France to perpetuate the blockade of the resolution process. In this sense, ETA believes that all reasonable contributions from the Basque Country and the international arena to promote the resolution is beneficial.

ETA, for its part, wants to inform that it will continue to work to build a definitive solution and that the designated representation will be kept active. We won’t despair in front of adversity, as the Basque Country deserves and needs peace and freedom.

Euskal Herrian, 2013ko martxoaren 17an
Euskadi Ta Askatasuna