29 January-04 February.
EH Bildu will work to situate the institutions at the service of an integral solution to the conflict.
Eraikiz Initiative, recognizing everyone’s pain.
In Brief.

EH Bildu will work to situate the institutions at the service of an integral solution to the conflict

EH Bildu is committed to work with everyone in the areas and institutions with objective of situating the institutions at the service of an integral resolution to the conflict.

Last week, members of the coalition EH Bildu expressed their desire to advance in the resolution of the conflict and they announced that they will also try to do this work from the institutions.

According to EH Bildu, they must work from the institutions to give a response to the causes as we well as the consequences of the conflict. EH Bildu announced that they will work in this sense in all of the institutions in which they are present. In this work the main points will be three. In what refers to the consequences of the conflict: the situation of the prisoners; and the recognition and reparation of all of the victims of the conflict. Regarding the causes they must work for the recognition for the right to decide.

The members of EH Bildu made an analysis of the current situation pointing out the consolidation of the scenario created after the Conference and Declaration of Aiete and the decision by ETA to definitively cease their armed activity. They denounced that in front of this the Spanish and French governments maintain an attitude of blockage, turning a deaf ear to the petition of the social majority of Basque society and the petitions that are made from the international sphere.

Before this blockage they remarked once again on the value of the Declaration of Aiete as a valid roadmap and of complete validity for the resolution of the conflict. They consider that the development of this Declaration, as well as the assumption of the recommendations that the declaration makes to the governments, ETA, and parties, agents and institutions will allow a significant advance in the integral resolution of the political conflict, which means, responding to the causes and consequences of the conflict.

EH Bildu considers that from the institutions they must work with the perspective of an integral resolution, without conditions and without exclusions, according to their own words “the institutions have to be an active subject in overcoming the blockage and in the integral resolution of the conflict.”

Finally they reaffirmed the commitment of EH Bildu to work with responsibility in all of these areas and institutions, with a clear objective: to situate the institutions at the service of an integral resolution to the conflict, giving a response to the causes and consequences of the same, just as the majority of Basque society demands it.

Eraikiz Initiative, recognizing everyone’s pain

An important initiative towards reconciliation and understanding among everyone.

There took place this past Saturday the last projection in the cycle of film and theatre, Eraikiz. An initiative promoted by the city hall of Errenteria and which has counted on the support of all the political parties represented in the city hall. The objective of the event: to promote a personal and collective reflection to advance towards reconciliation, resolution and peace.

During these past weeks in Errenteria one has been able to listen to the voices of different victims of the different violence connected to the conflict that our country suffers. They have heard testimonies of victims of ETA, of state violence, of torture victims, etc… All of these personal stories have been heard with respect and empathy.

In the last session of this cycle they projected the documentary “Hablan los ojos” (The Eyes Speak) in which they gather testimonies of the victims of the different forms of violence. After that the public had the occasion to speak with some of the protagonists, four of them were present there. Each one from their own feelings contributed aspects to different stories and demonstrated to those present and who wanted to hear if they “with such a heavy burden” were able to sit down and understand each other, there are no motives that exist for political and institutional leaders to not do the same.

The public which filled the hall was interested in different subjects and for how the protagonists lived through them. One of the subjects that brought the most attention was that of the capacity of the victims to put themselves in the place of the others. One of the protagonists was clear in this respect: “it is necessary to transform the pain into activity for the resolution of the conflict.”

The Eraikiz Initiative has been warmly received, perhaps because its promoters have thought above all about the future. As the mayor of Errenteria, Julen Mendoza (Bildu), said in his presentation, surrounded by the rest of the municipality’s representatives, “a step forward in the construction of a peaceful future for our society.”

In Brief:

Conference about the “PEACE” programme” in Brussels: The European Commission organized a conference to share – and also to celebrate – the experience of the “PEACE” programme. It was a frenetic morning and also with a reflection about the Basque Country, given that the added objective was to sound out if the focus of this European aid could also be applied in other places in conflict. Concepts such as confidence, implication and working together were underscored in the stories which also brought out a few tears.

Another Friday of demonstrations for the rights of Basque political prisoners: Thousands of people gathered once again in different towns and neighbourhoods of the Basque Country to demand bringing home and complying with the rights of Basque political prisoners. Like every Friday, and despite the bad weather and the cold, they held concentrations or demonstrations in numerous points of the Basque Country.