EH Bildu has announced that; after the great demonstration in Bilbao and responding to the demand from Basque society which demands commitments from all Basque political, trade union and social agents; they have adopted specific commitments in this sense. A commitment to end dispersion, to achieve the recognition and respect for all human rights, for the resolution of the conflict and for the construction of peace.

These demands are priorities of EH Bildu, because besides being just it has become clear that they are important for society. For that, the coalition EH Bildu is going to make known the following commitments in favour of the rights of the prisoners:

  • Starting January 24th all public officials of EH Bildu will carry a credential with the slogan “Human rights, resolution, peace, Basque prisoners to the Basque Country.”
  • We will carry this same demand to the city halls, placing it in a visible area.