EH Bildu has made their first reflection after the electoral results. “We are a union of sovereigntist and leftist forces stronger than there has ever been in the Basque Parliament.”

Laura Mintegi has expressed satisfaction with the “very good” results: “We have come out strengthened, with 21 parliamentarians and 276,989 votes in favour of sovereignty and change: parliamentarians and votes that we are going to put at the service of what we have defended since the beginning a change in the politics of this country.”

Mintegi also referred to the rest of the political forces: “We have congratulated the PNV and their candidate, for the victory in these elections. As far as the forces who defended a Constitutional project, the PSE and the PP, they have failed. It is evident that the model of autonomy that they have defended during these years has had a bad result in the opinion of the Basque citizenry. They have represented submission to Madrid and they have caved in to their impositions. The majority has expressed in favour of an abertzale Parliament, and now two out of three parliamentarians will be nationalists.”

We are in a new era and we have two options: “obey the impositions that are planted from Madrid; or the path that EH Bildu will take, that is, respond as a people to the impositions and make politics from this perspective, to defend the economy, the social rights of the people and the national rights of this country.”

EH Bildu has also emphasized that one of the subjects which will be dealt with in the new parliament will be the right to decide.