9-15 October.
Massive campaign act for EH Bildu.
Serious aggression against the sister of a political prisoner.
In Brief.

Massive campaign act for EH Bildu

EH Bildu celebrated a massive campaign act this past Saturday.

Thousands of citizens filled the Bizkaia Arena of the BEC. The public act turned into an act for independence. The shouts from the public reclaiming independence resounded in the packed pavilion on various occasions. One of the most important moments was when a group of Catalan citizens, among shouts of “In-Indepe-Independence” made a “castell”, (a human tower typical of popular Catalan fiestas). Catalonia and the Basque Country united in their demand for independence for their respective nations, reclaiming their rights to be new nations in Europe.

The main intervention was from Laura Mintegi, the candidate for Lehendakari for EH Bildu, who spoke surrounded by the rest of the candidates of EH Bildu. In her speech she remarked on the lines of political intervention that they want to carry forward. She stated that EH Bildu is much more than a coalition, that what they are proposing is a project for the country and a new way of doing politics. EH Bildu is proposing a form of politics with one foot in the streets and the other in the institutions; the citizens must be the protagonists.

The other main intervention was protagonized by Arnaldo Otegi, who sent a recorded message from the Logroño prison.

In his intervention he stated that we are facing a historical opportunity and remarked that the main tasks to deal with are: setting up a scenario of democratic solutions that confronts the enemies of peace; building a national agreement about the political and legal framework. He also praised the path taken by Scotland, Quebec, Catalonia or Flanders, and said that the Basque Country is also on this path and our independence is closer than ever.

His intervention concluded with his now well-known words, “Smile, because we are going to fight, smile because we are going to win! We were born to win and we are going to win!”

Arnaldo Otegi has been punished by the Penitentiary Institutions with the suspension of all of his communications for the audio that he sent to this act. On Sunday they prohibited a person from going to visit him. The central judge for penitentiary vigilance of the Spanish National Court has imposed the suspension of all communications with Arnaldo Otegi.

Serious aggression against the sister of a political prisoner

The sister of the Basque political prisoner Arkaitz Rodriguez suffered a serious aggression on the part of two alleged policemen.

In spite of that soon a year will have passed since ETA declared the definitive cessation of their armed activity, violence continues to be present on the streets of the Basque Country. The violence from the state continues to be present and it is trying to condition the process open in the Basque Country.

Enara Rodriguez, sister of the Basque political prisoner Arkaitz Rodriguez, suffered a serious aggression when she returned from a visit to the Logroño prison. The aggressors were two people who identified themselves as policemen.

The aggression took place on the highway and began when a grey Opal Astra drove up parallel to the sister of the prisoner. Later the car occupied by the two men began to brusquely invade her lane, forcing her to take an exit so she wouldn’t be hit.

When she stopped her car these two men came up to her and began to insult her. Then they opened the door against her will, pulled her by the hair and threw her to the ground.

The aggression has been denounced publicly as well as before the courts in San Sebastian so that it will be investigated and measures will be taken against the aggressors.

Etxerat, the association of family and friends of political prisoners, denounced that this harassment against the relative of a prisoner is undeniably serious, an aggression that is added to the consequences of dispersion.

The signers of the Gernika Agreement energetically denounced this aggression. They also carried out a demonstration in front of the site of the Civil Governor in Donostia to denounce this aggression.


The Abertzale Left concerning the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU: The Abertzale Left after finding out about the concession of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union sent out a press release in which they invited them to show their commitment to the resolution of the Basque conflict and to impel dialogue among the parts involved.

Appeal before the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg: The lawyers for 20 Basque political prisoners who have suffered the application of the “Parot Doctrine” have sent their appeals to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Spanish fascists in Bilbao: 100 extremists from Madrid participated in an act exalting Spanish fascism and used violence. The Ertzaintza (Basque Autonomous Police) protected the fascists and beat and arrested anti-fascist demonstrators.