The program for EH Bildu is more than 180 pages long. This is a brief summary. The complete content is located at


Basic lines: It’s the main axis of the program of EH Bildu, to the point where their leading candidate would be Vice-Lehendakari in a future government. The objective is to guarantee equality for everyone, with all rights included.

Some actions: Measures to assure secularism. Mechanisms for participation of the citizenry, with referendums on subjects such as the High Velocity Train. Mechanisms to unite diversity (“many origins, only one people”). Gender equality, reform of the Law of Equality, an integral plan against sexist violence based on prevention, improving work conditions in “feminized places”, guarantee the right to abortion in the public health system… Measures to make visible and respect sexual diversity. Priority for youth, “a society which doesn’t take care of their young people will be a sick society”. Their opinions will be taken seriously.”


Basic lines: “We aim for a Basque Country and a world governed by the prevalence of human rights and public freedoms.”

Some actions: Unify the attention of all victims. Create committees of experts to propose channels of reparation. Promote the Basque Plan for Human Rights and the Basque Institute for Human Rights. In justice, demand the authority of all the responsibilities for Basque judicial organs. In penitentiary policy, incorporate models from northern Europe, based on small infrastructures included in urban and permeable groups. In public security, complete demilitarization of Basque territory (“there is no excuse in the new scenario”) and intense reform of the Ertzaintza (Basque Autonomous Police) so that it becomes “a comprehensive police force of service, not repressive.” Preventive policies against torture and mistreatment, and also prevention as a formula against crime “before the persecution and repression of the offence.”


Basic lines: Demand profound changes from a position of more solidarity and fairness.” Fiscal sovereignty, the fundamental pillar.

Some actions: A firm commitment against fiscal fraud, true reform of the income tax (IRPF) to convert it into a more progressive and supportive tax, install a Tax on Large Fortunes, recover full fiscal sovereignty, demand presence in the ECOFIN… In budgetary policy, tools to detect inefficient or non-transparent spending, establish a system of public works planning “with a vision for the country”. In financial policy, a public system “that manages the savings of Basque citizens towards investments in the Basque Country and not towards speculation”, reinforcing the public and social character of Kutxabank and leaving out the contribution of public capital to private entities without any social contribution.


Basic lines: The economy is at the service of the people, not the markets. The model is based on a fair distribution of wealth, the creation of quality jobs and distribution of work.

Some actions: Our own framework of collective bargaining. Reduce the workday. Minimum inter-professional wages above the poverty threshold “that’s to say, 1,075 Euros”. Bring back the retirement age to 65 and the release contract to 60. Abolish temp agencies. Strengthen the inspection of the underground economy. A model of protection for workers’ health, with prevention, formation, inspection and funding. Demand total authority over Basque Social Security. Measures against relocation. Recovering public property in certain strategic sectors.


Some actions: Give priority to renting. A census of vacant housing to mobilize renting. An audit of the financial system to find out how much mortgage debt might be illegitimate. Progressive fiscal treatment of underused housing.


Some actions: A unified and public Basque system of social services, a progressive reduction of the co-pay / repay, reduce the influence of private businesses, create a Basque system of attention to dependency, special attention to home health care, social and political debate to articulate a proposal about a basic income, modify now the Law for Guaranteed Income to recover lost rights.


Diagnosis: Industry has declined, with a low to medium low technological level, fewer patents, an intensive model of energy consumption, very contaminating sub-sectors and investments in R+D far from the 3% in the rest of Europe.

Some actions: Reorientation of industrial areas at the measure of the necessities of each region. Favouring the development of small and medium businesses (PYMES). Increasing investments in innovation. Create a Service of Technological Vigilance and Intelligence.


Some actions: New tax system on environmental bases, with incentives and charges. Committing to more sustainable systems of production (reducing, reusing, recycling and also redesigning products) and for responsible consumption. Active policies of mitigating gases for the greenhouse effect. Incentives for saving energy and favouring accessibility to those less vulnerable collectives. Replanting mobility, making the collective prevail over the private. Infrastructures based on social profitability: a moratorium on the work for the High Speed Train, a definitive abandonment for an exterior port in Pasaia.


Some actions: Recognition of the professions and the promotion of dignified living and working conditions. A new generation of workers. Protection of resources (biodiversity, the sea…). A model of sustainable production, tied to the land and the people. Closing the doors to genetically transformed products. Public observation of prices. Introducing nutrition in education. Specific plans for sustainable agriculture and fishing. Promoting strategies of responsible consumption “consume better” instead of “consume more”. Create a Prosecutors Office for Consumption against the grave threats to the interests of the people.


Objective: “Achieve for the Basque language the parity which exists for Spanish or for French in their respective states.” The premise is that with the current policies “the Basque language will not be normalized.”

Some actions: In education, advance towards a single model of immersion, by steps. In Administration, the linguistic rights of everyone will be guaranteed; to become a public employee you must have as a minimum a 2nd profile. Public businesses must guarantee those rights at the same level. The media will pass from subventions to agreements, and all workers for EITB must be able to carry out their work in Basque. Promoting the learning of the Basque language in the labour, commerce and sports words… Bring immigrants closer.


Objective: Our own public, popular and participative system of education.

Some actions: A model focused on the integral development of the students, with flexibility. Formation of teachers for the new challenges. A Basque curriculum. Promoting pre-school education (0-3) in Basque. Innovation and improving Professional Formation. Our own new, public university.


Objective: A health system that is close, transparent, efficient and free.

Some actions: Reinforcing and cutting bureaucracy in primary care. Reduce the waiting time for specialists, complete transparency in the lists. A rational use of medication. A plan for continuous education of the professionals.


Some actions: Make the Basque Country known through cultural projects, in the style of a brand. Build workshops of creation in each discipline. Promote neighbourhood and street cultural projects. Make museums a didactic experience. Recover material located in archives found outside of the Basque Country (Salamanca, Simancas…). Give priority to libraries. Create the National Library of the Basque Country.


Some actions: Achieve full officialness for Basque teams. Develop our own model of memberships. Instil the Basque mark of competition as a place for reference, with exceptions. A program of promoting sports among the youth, with an adequate time schedule. Promote the regularization and the economic sustainability of sports.


Objectives: Deepen the international accompaniment of the peace process and normalization. Advance in the recognition of the Basque Country with its own differentiated reality.

Some actions: Promote relations with the diaspora. Active collaboration with different organs of the UN. Reinforce Basque delegations, above all in Brussels and New York. Demand the officialness of the Basque language in the framework of the EU. Increase cooperation with other non-state nations. Promote tourism.