Last week we held a press conference to assess positively the resolutive dialogue agreed between the Colombian government and the FARC:

We said it then and we confirm it now: inclusive dialogue is a universal tool for the resolution of political conflict.

In that sense, we come to confirm that the information published yesterday in various media is right. Representatives of the Abertzale Left have maintained a dialogue channel with the PSE. Not only that, as well as with the PSE, the Abertzale Left wishes to maintain a continous dialogue and relationships dynamic with all political forces in the Basque Country. It is not new. We consider dialogue, discussions and political relationships among all actors a necessity.

In that sense, the Abertzale Left wishes to express today its willingness to meet and start a political dialogue with the Popular Party. Above any difficulties or the characteristics of each situation, we consider dialogue a necessity. Why? For the following three reasons:

  • Because dialogue between adversaries is essential, inevitable, to resolve any dispute.
  • Because we will keep doing everything in our power to realize that dialogue.
  • Because Dialogue between the Abertzale left and the PP must take place. Because it will occur. Because is inevitable.

The dialogue has to be discreet in a first stage, bilateral, direct. The Abertzale Left acts with utmost responsibility in this regard, and will continue to do so. And through these relationships, through this dialogue, we will arrive to the table or process of dialogue among parties, key to achieve a resolution to the conflict. We want to promote a dialogue that seeks democratic agreement. An agreement that takes us from political conflict to a democratic coexistence. An agreement that will be based on the recognition of all rights and ensures that all political projects can take place.

In Euskal Herria a precise roadmap has been drawn, based on international experiences of conflict resolution. Soon we will reach the first anniversary of the International Peace Conference held in Aiete and of the presentation of the Declaration of Aiete. Dialogue and agreement are the foundations of the Declaration of Aiete. A dialogue that must be activated and success in two areas:

  • The resolutive dialogue on the consequences of the conflict between ETA and the Spanish and French governments.
  • And the resolutive dialogue between all political actors in the Basque Country, about the causes of the conflict, that is, on the right of the Basque Country as a nation to decide its political configuration.

Thus, political actors have to act with the responsibility due to us: maintaining a pro-active attitude for dialogue, not fearing to speak, taking it as the first task of politics, this means finding solutions to the problems of peoples or societies. That is what Basque society requires political actors to do.

So, we make a direct call to PP, to look in the mirror of reality. Dialogue is necessary and inevitable, and they will find Abertzale Left willing to dialogue.