In the first place, the Abertzale Left wishes to applaud the attitude and decision of Uribetxeberria.  Through the denial of his human rights, the Spanish state has wanted to give Uribetxeberria the death penalty, but Iosu has held on to the defense of the right to be able to live with dignity. The hunger strike which has gone one for over two weeks as well as the decision to abandon it, are a sign of that.

However, the situation of Uribetxeberria continues to be extremely critical: the Spanish government keeps him as a prisoner, putting his life at great risk.

Therefore, the Abertzale Left wishes to call on society to multiply their efforts to free Iosu Uribetxeberria and the other 13 gravely ill Basque political prisoners. The struggle is in the hands of the citizenry and the mobilization of the people will be the key in overcoming this penitentiary policy based on revenge.