The decision by the Spanish government through the Prosecutors Office to try to prolong the situation of Iosu Uribetxeberria for at least 10 days more supposes a brutal outrage against the most elemental human rights and a cruel joke on the majority of the desires for peace in Basque society.

Iosu Uribetxeberria’s health condition is tremendously delicate and all of the reports state that. His situation could become critical and fatal at any moment. His cancer is irreversible and the threat of any complication is always present. Therefore, the decision by the Spanish government in postponing the release of Iosu seems based on an inadmissible thirst for revenge fed by those who try to perpetuate conflict scenarios and the violation of rights in order to push away a scenario of definitive peace. We say this vigorously, the decision to prolong his time in prison wishes to kill Ioso Uribetxeberria.

Iosu Uribetxeberria must be set free immediately; it should have been done five year ago, without further delay and putting an end to an indecent amount of excuses that only seek to prolong the situation and bring Iosu Uribetxeberria to his death.

This cannot and should not ever repeat itself. Herrira makes a call for continued mobilizations and will announce new initiatives in the coming days. Iosu and the other seriously ill prisoners must be released and the penitentiary policy must turn away from its current keys of repression and revenge to terms in search for a resolution to the conflict. It is time for solutions, it is time to build peace among everyone, and it is the time to act with responsibility.

Finally, we’d like to point out that we continue to make a call and an invitation to take part in demonstrations to ask for the freedom of Iosu.