We are here to ask, a thousand and one times if it is necessary, for the release of Iosu Uribetxeberria. What is happening in the past few days concerning his situation is a complete outrage, a brutal violation of human rights and a situation that has no match in all of the European Union.

The medical diagnosis that Uribetxeberria received five years ago spoke of kidney cancer. Then, the Spanish Executive had the opportunity to fulfill the law and facilitate the necessary mechanisms for his recuperation. They did not do so and helped by the lamentable conditions of live that are imposed by the hardest penitentiary system in all of Europe, Iosu Uribetxeberria’s health has done nothing but get worse. So much so, that he now has no way back just as has been confirmed a few days ago by the medical team to Iosu as well as his family. The cancer is terminal and Iosu Uribetxeberria will die because of it.

This news is terrible for Basque society. It is a time for solutions, to contribute something positive and to act with responsibility. There are no excuses, there are no impediments, Iosu must be released as corresponds to him by right and by the law and the Spanish government must reject any hints of revenge if they wish to be recognized in the eyes of the Basque majority as an executive that respects human rights and is committed to peace.

Basque society wants to look towards the future, it wants to build a solution and an inclusive peace, it wants a reality in which all the human rights of all persons are respected and that the current cruel and criminal penitentiary policy is ended for once and for all. No Basque citizen wants for there to more deaths as a consequence of the political conflict. It is time to act with dignity and responsibility; that in the year 2012 a person a person close to death and 13 others could die due to an inhuman and vengeful government policy isn’t just a spectacle but a tragedy for all of Basque society.

For that we believe that the wave of solidarity that has flooded different points of this country, that has received support in the international community and that has spread to the media on five continents, must return to flood the streets of Bilbao this Saturday. In an urgent call for mobilization, under the slogan “giza eskubide guztiak, euskal presoak Euskal Herrira” (Human rights for everyone, Basque prisoners to the Basque Country) due to the borderline situation of Iosu, this Saturday at 12:30 a demonstration will ask for his freedom as well as for 13 other ill prisoners from the Euskalduna Palace to the Moyua Plaza.

We invite all people who support Iosu’s release and of the rest of the other ill prisoners, in favor of ending the current inhuman penitentiary policy, who desire the respect of all human rights and who are committed to a solution and for peace are invited to take part in the demonstration this Saturday in the capital of Bizkaia. So that the terrible case of Iosu will never repeat itself, because Basque society doesn’t want any more deaths and has the right to live in peace, this Saturday we will see each other in Bilbao. #IosuAskatu #14akHerrira