26 June-2 July 2012
Amaiur expresses their sorrow and recognition to all of the victims of all of the violence.
Amaiur and the ERC bring the right to self-determination to the Spanish Congress.
Reorganization of Udalbiltza.
Initiatives in the International sphere.
In Brief.

Amaiur expresses their sorrow and recognition to all of the victims of all of the violence

Under the tree of Gernika, “an emblematic site and one of the symbols of the freedoms and the rights of the Basque people”, the ten deputies from Amaiur held an act in recognition of all the victims of the conflict.

In the act they read a text in which they expressed their recognition of the victims and the suffering caused by all the expressions of violence that have taken place in our country in the past decades. They advocate for the recognition and reparation of them all as well as for finding out the whole truth.

The representatives of Amaiur in Congress, Rafael Larreina, Maite Aristegi and Jon Iñarritu, together with the Senator Urko Aiartza, read a text in Basque, Spanish, English and French. They insisted on their commitment to dialogue and agreement as the only valid ways for an integral resolution of the conflict showing once again their commitment to democratic and peaceful means for resolving political differences.

Recalling the Declaration of Aiete and their adhesion to it, they made a special mention of the third point which calls on all agents, institutions, and political and social formations to adopt profound steps to advance towards reconciliation, recognition, compensation and assistance to all of the victims, also to recognize the pain caused and to help heal the personal and social wounds.

They ended by recalling that one of the main objectives of Amaiur is the construction of peace in the Basque Country. A shared peace. A peace in which all Basque citizens feel themselves participants in it and in which all of us feel like winners.

Amaiur and the ERC bring the right to self-determination to the Spanish Congress

The Basque independentist coalition Amaiur and the Catalan political party Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) presented this past Friday a work group whose objective is to elaborate a proposed law for the right to self-determination.

The initiative counts with the support of the EFA (European Free Alliance) of which ERC and EA (member party of the Basque sovereigntist coalition) belong to.

The work group is composed at first by members of both formations although according to remarks in the presentation of the initiative it is open to the participation of other groups and will try to achieve the largest amount of support possible.

The final objective of this group is to present a proposed law that regulates the mechanisms for the free determination of nations without a state such as the Basque Country or Catalunya. Respecting the right to decide of the citizens of these nationalities.

Reorganization of Udalbiltza

The organization of municipal elected officials of the Basque Country, Udalbiltza, continues to take steps in its process of reorganization.

This past Saturday many of the 1,097 elected officials of 309 municipalities of the seven provinces of the Basque Country who until this moment have shown their support for the reorganization of this organism participated in a national assembly which took place in Iruñea-Pamplona.

In the assembly they presented what will be the working group, made up of 17 mayors and councilors who will elaborate the base document and organize the debate, in which they called on all elected officials to participate.

As the members of the working group manifested during the act, “In the year 2012 it is more necessary than ever for us to be the owners of our own future. For this we will work in coordination in support of the Basque Country, in the same way that we work every day in our towns.”

Initiatives in the International sphere

In the last week we have also had the news of two initiatives related to the Basque Country and the new political times that we are going through.

From Germany we found out that the representative of Die Linke in the Bundestag and member of the sub-commission for the prevention of conflicts in the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council Andrej Hunko, had asked a question about the situation in the Basque Country and the position of the German government with respect to the peace process in the Basque Country.

After finding out the answer, he made public a press release in which he criticized the response given by the German government to his question and considers that the German government, instead of aligning itself with the position of blockage of the Spanish government, should support a negotiated solution.

In Switzerland, the assembly of delegates of the PS adopted a resolution supporting the efforts that are being made to reach a peaceful solution in the Basque conflict.

They commented on the value of the Declaration of Aiete and of the people who have supported the declaration. They consider that it, together with the step taken by ETA days later, has created a solid base for a negotiated solution.

For that, they called on the Spanish and French governments to set up a dialogue with all of the parts implicated to seek a resolution of the conflict based on dialogue and negotiation.

Finally they called on Swiss institutions and public opinion to actively support the process with the end of promoting a solution to the Basque conflict.

In Brief

Remembering the fighters of the Civil War: Like every year, last Sunday an homage took place for the Gudaris (Basque soldiers) who lost their lives 75 years ago in Albertia fighting against fascist troops. In the act they remembered all the fighters from yesterday and today who have lost their lives for the Basque Country. One of the speeches during the act remarked that the struggle for the independence of the Basque Country and social transformation continues.

The prisoners’ collective seeks to overcome the blockage: The EPPK has announced that it will make contact with social and political agents with the end of overcoming the current situation. With this objective they made a concrete petition to people who have direct knowledge of penitentiary policy to work as mediators.