A spot charged with significance and one of the symbols of the Basque people’s liberties and rights. A witness to so many atrocities and violations of the rights of Euskal Herria (The Basque Country) and its citizens.

Today we come here to voice a new our indebtedness to the victims of all the expressions of violence that there have been in our country and our sorrow at the suffering that has had to be borne. Amaiur is dedicated to the acknowledgement and redress of all these expressions, and to the revealing of the whole truth.

We, the members of Amaiur, wish to convey our deep empathy to all victims of the violation of basic rights that has taken place both within and without Euskal Herria in recent decades. Moreover, we express anew our determination to work for reconciliation based on mutual respect, acknowledgement and redress, and memory.

Within Amaiur we are convinced that discussion and agreement are the only workable ways of resolving every last trace of the conflict. Therefore we wish to express our staunch commitment to democratic and solely peaceful means of resolving political differences, and our eschewal of the use, or the threat of using, violence.

Finally, let it be remembered that Amaiur endorses the Aiete Declaration, and wishes today to reiterate its commitment to the Declaration’s third point, which urges all agents, institutions and configurations, both political and social, to take thorough-going measures to bring about reconciliation, acknowledgement and redress, and support for all the victims, as well as acknowledging the pain that has been inflicted and helping to heal wounds in individuals and in society as a whole.

The upshot of all this is that Amaiur has decided not to attend the ceremony in honour of the victims of terrorism scheduled for today in the Chamber of Deputies because, in our opinion, it does not acknowledge all the suffering that there has been in our country, and therefore it does not acknowledge all the victims.

That partiality means that the ceremony scheduled for today in the Chamber of Deputies lacks the will to make a positive contribution to resolving the political conflict besetting our country.

We, the members of Amaiur, wish to emphasize too that ever since we first introduced ourselves to society our resolve to work for, and get behind, the process of conflict resolution has been unequivocal. Indeed, one of our chief goals is to make Euskal Herria a place of peace. A shared peace. A peace of which all Basque citizens feel a part and in which we ourselves all feel victorious.