Through the present declaration the Basque Political Prisoners Collective (EPPK) wishes to make public the results of the debate which has taken place in the past months:

1 The political conflict and its democratic resolution
“The present political conflict has violated the rights or our people. At the time of the 5th Centennial of the occupation of the Basque State (Navarre) and the 75th anniversary of the bombardment of Gernika, France and Spain continue to maintain oppression.

The democratic resolution of the conflict must make possible all political projects, including that of independence. The people have the word. The people will decide.”

2 The political option for the whole of the Abertzale Left
“The Abertzale Left has proceeded with a renewed political readjustment. Retaking the initiative and consolidating the accumulation of political, institutional and social forces that makes possible the achievement of these political objectives.

We will continue to go deeper in this strategy, taking new and decisive steps. That is what Basque society asks and demands of us. To be effective and so that the process has a successful ending, we must redouble the strength of the people and have a bearing on everyone.

The EPPK completely adheres to the political strategy of the Abertzale Left.”

3 ETA’s decision
“ETA has taken a historical decision to cease their armed activity. ETA’s struggle has made manifest the oppression that our people suffer, exposing the anti-democratic character of the states.

The EPPK, also has sent all of their respect and supports ETA’s decision to terminate the phase of armed activity as an instrument of struggle.”

4 The political references of Anoeta, Gernika and Aiete
In accordance with the exposition of Anoeta (2006), we recognize ETA to eventually negotiate the steps and agreements for our release.

We consider the Gernika Agreement (2010) as the principle reference for an integral resolution to the conflict.

We support the Declaration of Aiete (2011) as a roadmap for structuring the resolution of the conflict and its negotiation.”

5 The political situation
The strategic readjustment of the Abertzale Left has radically transformed the political situation, accumulating popular forces and giving substance to the political change.

The states are basing their game on obstructing, trying to spread frustration in the heart of the Basque people.

So that they take steps in the democratic process, we have to achieve an accumulation of forces the most effective way possible. We have to be conscious of the political and historic moment that we are living in. This is the time! We have to take the political offensive and reactivate all the capital accumulated throughout so many years, with the end of reaching our objectives. It’s time to fight!”

6 Penitentiary policy
“The penitentiary policy responds to a war strategy. But the EPPK has confronted it with firmness, condemning the plans of the states to failure. The current political situation is also the fruit of the struggle of the EPPK, it is this struggle that has brought us here, and it is also which makes us and will make us free.

The repentance-denunciation is nothing but a way designed for the destruction of the person and the militant, and that is why we criticize it and repudiate it. The pressures, the blackmail, the attempts to break down must stop now, also the use of “penitentiary benefits” to deny our rights.

We are a reflection of the political conflict and every exit must be connected to an integral resolution of the same: that of amnesty and self-determination. Putting the roots of the conflict on ways of solution, freeing all of those who are imprisoned and making sure that there is never another. With the end of participating together with our people in the political process, all impediments to our release must disappear.

The Collective expresses its complete disposition to take new steps in the future, if the conditions are given for it.”

7 The other consequences of the conflict
“The Basque Country and the Basque people are victims of oppression. As prisoners and refugees we are a part and a consequence of the conflict. We don’t refuse to recognize that this last part has generated victims and those affected. We endorse the Gernika Agreement signed this past December.

We are fully conscious of the multiple pains generated. In fact, we have been suffering it directly or in those closest to us for generations. Fine, just as we understand that pain, we all also not blind to see how some are putting it in the service of political objectives. In the same way, contrasting victims and prisoners instead of offering each one of these subjects their own solution, some are using the “subject of the victims” as a way of eternalizing the conflict.

That every one of these parts understands the roots of this conflict which has caused so much pain is an unavoidable task. It will be a profound and painful exercise to carry out freely if we desire that it be truthful, and always in order to overcome the conflict and put it on the way towards a solution.”

The resolution of the conflict must take into account the consequences and fix them.”

8 the extended hand
“We call on the Spanish and French governments to responsibly and valiantly take advantage of this opportunity and to undertake the path of democratic resolution. The Spanish, French and Basque people will win in this. Every Basque citizen will win.

Our collective wishes to express their full disposition to discuss the situation of the Basque political prisoners and their demands. For that we have recently named our interlocutors.

We urge the international community to redouble the involvement that they have recently showed.

Amnesty – Self-Determination!

EPPK. June 2012.

The Basque Country present in our hearts.”