Through this communiqué, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque socialist revolutionary organisation for national liberation would like to share some thoughts with the European public.

Numerous changes have occurred in Europe over the last decades. Some old problems have been overcome and some new difficulties have emerged during this relentless process of transformation. There are also issues which persist over centuries. The conflict opposing the Basque Country, and Spain and France, is one of them.

So far, we have been unable to find a democratic and fair solution to this conflict. However, significant changes have taken place over the last months and a historic opportunity has come into sight to build peace and to put an end to decades of suffering.

At the International Conference which took place on 17 October 201, in Donostia, eminent international figures put forward a proposal for a solution of the conflict in the Declaration of Aiete. Among various points mentioned therein, the fundamental elements were:

- the need of a dialogue and an agreement between ETA and the Governments of Spain and France, to overcome the consequences of the conflict. And

- the need of a dialogue among the various actors in the Basque Country to reach agreements, which would contribute to achieving lasting peace.

In the above-mentioned proposal, and appeal was made to our organisation to make momentous commitments in order to initiate a resolution process. ETA appreciated the seriousness of the demand and responded positively to the appeal of the Conference. On 20 October 2011, it declared a definitive end of the armed struggle and called on the Governments of Spain and France to engage in a direct dialogue to resolve the consequences of the conflict, thus demonstrating its total commitment towards a resolution process and peace.

ETA believes that conditions are adequate to act on all the points of the Declaration of Aiete, in harmony with the aspirations and the hopes of the Basque people. Delaying a solution will not benefit anyone, and apart from protracting suffering, it can generate a damaging standstill.

Given the above:

- ETA believes that the Governments of Spain and France should, without further delay, respond positively to appeal of the Declaration of Aiete and to ETA’s call;
– ETA would like to inform that it has designated a delegation to initiate a direct dialogue with the Governments of Spain and France;
– ETA also believes that Basque political and social actors should engage in a political dialogue in order to jointly address the roots of the political conflict and reach agreements which would bring about a lasting peace and freedom.

The European public and each and every one of the European institutions stand in front of a challenge to encourage and push forward an open process to find a definitive solution to the conflict which persists in the heart of Europe. This is ETA’s aspiration and commitment.

Euskal Herria, April 2012
Euskadi Ta Askatasuna

Transcripted from the original Statement.