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Harold Good: “Any act of disarming is symbolic; it is a expression of will”

hartold good

Interview with Harold Good, a protestant pastor from the North of Ireland who worked as a mediator in the resolution of the Irish conflict.

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Basquepeaceprocess bulletin, April 2014


Monthly bulletin, April 2014. EIPK, Desmond Tutu, KonpONbidea initiative and more…

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Arnaldo Otegi: The latter is only in ours hands

Arnaldo Otegi 192a

Interview with Arnaldo Otegi, Secretary General of Sortu imprisoned for his political activity. Interview made by journalist Karlos Zurutuza and published in Al Jazeera news channel on 11th April 2014.

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Arnaldo Otegi to Spanish Government


Arnaldo Otegi said in interview with Al Jazeera

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In the media

  • ETA has decided to hand over their weapons, France must take advantage of this opportunity >

    Extracts from the article written by Jean-Marie Guehenno about the disarming on the part of ETA and published in the Read More
  • Irish Times: Desmond Tutu praises Eta move to disarmament as ‘brave’ >

    Irish Times' article on Desmond Tutu's declaration welcoming ETA's decision to put all its arms beyond operational use. Read More
  • The announcement of ETA's disarmament in the world media >

    Press dossier that covers what has been published in the world media about ETA's disarmament. Read More
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